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SPECIAL REPORT: “That Shows ANY Injured Runner, Footballer, Gymnast, Golfer Or Cyclist How To Recovery (…And Stay Healthy), From The 7 Most Common Sports Injuries, By Implementing The “Lightspeed” Recovery Strategies That Only the Pro-Athletes Have Access To…”

In Just 20 Pages We’ll SHOW You The Step-By-Step, Week By Week Recovery Tactics That Will Let You Get Fit…And Stay Fit, As Quickly As The Pro Athletes Do It!

Yours From Top Professional Sports Physio, Craig McComb.

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Leading Edge Recovery Advice For Frustrated Runners, Golfers, Gymnasts, Footballers And Cyclists, Being Provided By a Top Professional Sports Physio…

Here’s How ANY Injured Sports Person Can End The Frustration Of Being Left Behind Or Stuck On The Bench, AND Even Put A Stop To The ‘FEAR’ That So Often Comes With Running, Football, Golf, Cycling Or Playing Again, After Injury, And NOT Being 100% Sure If You’re Even Ready To Do It!!”…

Keep Reading To Discover How To Get All Of The Best Advice, Exercises And “Top Tips” From A Pro-Sports Physio, That WILL End Your Frustration And Put You SAFELY Back In Your Running, Golf, Football, or Cycling Shoes, In No Time At All…. Shown To You!

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Craig McComb

Craig McComb

Professional Sport Physiotherapist

From The Desk Of Top Professional Sport Physio, Craig McComb:

Dear Frustrated Athlete

Whether you are a weekend runner or training for a marathon, a 25+ handicap golfer or aiming to get into single digits, or a weekend warrior cyclist on your way to Wollongong, being limited by chronic injuries is frustrating! However, you have come to the right place for help, and this is likely to be the most IMPORTANT message you will read since being injured.

Despite what you may think, the injury that you are currently dealing is NOTHING we have not seen before in our clinic over the past 20 years. Whatever the problem is, it is very likely we have the solution to HELP you and it is one that will deliver the real BIOMECHANICAL cause behind the injury and one that will get you back exercising ASAP.

As physiotherapists, we know the ENJOYMENT that sport brings to your life, we are all committed athletes ourselves, to a variety of different sports and we know how much SATISFACTION keeping healthy brings to your life. Therefore, we know how IMPORTANT sporting injuries should be taken, and no it is not just with the use of PAIN KILLERS AND ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES.

If You Are Frustrated By Your Lack Of Progress And Are Desperate To Know What’s Wrong, As Well As How Soon It Can Be Put Right, Then I Have A Three Solutions That Will HELP You…

Before I go on further, let me first distance myself from a lot of other ‘standard’ physiotherapists out there. Simply because, I have been not only a high level athlete myself, but I have also been a physiotherapist for multiple high level teams, this gives me a much greater INSIGHT into the mind of the injured athlete as I have been ON BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE! Over the years I have developed the tactics and knowledge that I am about to share with you.

Know this… Whether you’ve pulled a calf muscle running, have a torn hamstring, a painful Achilles, a twisted knee, a sprained ankle or are suffering from kneecap pain or shin splints, I have seen and recovered quickly HUNDREDS of times in my career already.

Now whether you are an amateur or a professional athlete, there is no such thing as “I’ll just wait and see how it goes”. Athletes who take their sport seriously, want results and they want results FAST. When it comes to getting you back on the pitch ASAP, time is of the essence and every day that passes is crucial.

And the good news for you is that since leaving Pro Sport in 2007 to work Privately, I’ve been able to bring with me all of my secret recovery tactics, expert techniques and “do this today, do that tomorrow” advice and share it all with grass roots and “weekend athletes” to HELP them get fit, and stay fit, in the exact same way.

The good news for you is that I have been able to come up with the EXACT way to manage sports injuries on a week-by-week basis and I now share it with all of my clients, whether it be the grass roots or weekend warrior athletes all the way up to the large number of professional athletes I treat.

And I can assure you, it works perfectly.

I’m going to be able to provide you with your exact DIAGNOSIS, I’ll use all of my experience and knowledge to tell you exactly how long it will take to get going again WITHOUT pain (down to the day), and I’ll make a BIG call on exactly what you can safely be doing to exercise and for how long, right up until that day you’re fully fit. And when I pass you FIT, you can be sure that you’re NOT going to break down again any time soon.

Does that sound like something you’d be interested in or what you came looking for?

If Your Need Is Urgent, Please Call This Special Number Now To Get Seen Quicker: 1300 381 207

If You’ve ALREADY RESTED FOR WEEKS And Your Problem Shows NO Sign Of Recovery... We Know Why It Hasn’t Healed AND I’m Here To Tell YOU That There Is HOPE Of A Recovery, If You Act Decisively…

It’s no surprise to me that so many frustrated runners, footballers golfers and cyclists are knocking on our doors and asking for help. And it’s simply because of the FACT that most muscle and sports injuries can NEVER heal properly, if they are just ‘rested’. The truth is, there is an underlying BIOMECHANICAL cause to the injury that needs to be addressed.

Despite what people think, REST alone will never truly fix a chronic sporting injury. In all of the years of treating patients, we have never seen a chronic injury truly recover simply from rest.

Sure, you may be pain-free at rest, but as soon as the INTENSITY lifts we both know that pain will return. More often than not, scar tissue has infiltrated the tissue making it tight, stiff and inflexible and inevitably, it will be re injured. This is the number one reason why athletes continue to break down time and time again.

However, because of my extensive experience, we know exactly what to do to manage these chronic sporting injuries. It involves a specific combination of manual therapy, individual exercise programs and addressing the entire body rather than just the individual affected area.

When the injury is looked at an OVERALL body level, and the specific techniques implemented, we can guarantee you will see an improvement. EVERYTHING that I suggest is geared towards you being active again, as fast as is safely possible. Even from this far, I know that I could suggest something to you that will let you get active and exercising safely, right this minute.

But before I show you how I can help, please let me tell you WHO I can help:

Here's Who I Can Help...

If you can say YES to any of the following, then you are in the right place to be looking for expert advice from a group of practices with Top Sports Physios:

  • You’re a golfer or runner (or any other athlete) with a dull ache or even severe pain in your Achilles tendon
  • You’re a runner suffering pain on the OUTSIDE of your knee caused by a tight IT Band (A.K.A - Runners knee)
  • You’ve got or think you might have shin splints, a calf strain or an ankle sprain and it seems no matter how much time you give it, there’s no signs of a significant improvement
  • You can’t understand why the hamstring you injured weeks ago, the one that SEEMS to be fine when you walk or jog, won’t let you pick up the pace without getting tighter and more painful
  • You’re a cyclist or golfer with a stiff or achy, even painful lower back
  • You value the enjoyment you get from your sport too highly to risk suffering any long term complications, and so you want to seek the best advice possible, straight away
  • You don’t like the “painkillers and rest” option advised by other medical professionals, nor do you like the generic exercises so often given out by “generalist” physios

If You’ve Come To This Page Because You’re FED Up Of Being Unable To Exercise, Worried You’re Not Properly Fit And Want An Expert Sports Physio, To Just Sort It All For You PROPERLY, Here’s What I Can Do…

We have proven solutions that work for ALL of the common sporting injuries, and whether you have been injured for days, weeks or even months, we can deliver these solutions FAST. We want you to get the ENJOYMENT back when you exercise and reduce the fear and uncertainty associated with injuries that just don’t seem to go away.

And we’ll do all that for you, faster and easier than any other way.

Expert “Hands-on” Sports Physiotherapy involves me and my team working on you in person, and by hand, using all of our BEST techniques to bring about a FAST end to the scar tissue, stiffness and tightness that is likely keeping you on the side-lines. And we’ll end concerns and worries by answering all of your questions, too.

Quite often than not, the beginnings of a recovery will happen within days.

If you are looking for specifically tailored exercise to help address the underlying mechanical cause of your injury, then you have come to the right place. We will provide you with the secret exercise routines that professional athletes use to avoid being injured again, and back exercising quicker than ever.

If what I’ve just offered sounds like something you’d be interested in, then start by making a simple no hassle or obligation to proceed with one of the options below.

Option 1 

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If you wish to go ahead right now and book an “in-person” physio appointment at our Physio Practices because you like the sound of what I’m offering, then use this number 1300 381 207. Our Expert Sports Physio Clinics are in Revesby, Beverly Hills, Earlwood, Rosebery, Eastgardens and Rose Bay.

And just before you do, please take note of this:

“EVERYTHING we do for you here is covered by a firm 100% Money Back Guarantee – that means we make you VERY HAPPY like you hope…or you get all of your money back or you simply leave your appointment and my clinic without paying. It’s that simple”.

Or, If You’d Prefer, Because You’d Find It Easier, We’ll Find 10 Minutes In My Day And We’ll Easily Be Able To Show You What To Do For The Best, Simply By Talking On The Phone?

“Telephone Consultations work great”!

You’ll love what they can do for you and you’ll see that I CAN help you.

And if you ARE serious about your fitness and you’ve decided enough is enough of being frustrated and missing out on the sport you love, and you’re even SOMEWHAT interested in what an Expert “Hands-On” Sports Physio like the physiotherapists from Benchmark Physio can do for you, then a good place for us to start is by talking on the phone.

And when we do, we can show you:

  • What makes our Sports Injury Advice so DIFFERENT from all of the other options you’ve got
  • Why, if you’re aged 40 and above, and you like to be active and you’re an injured (and frustrated) runner, footballer, cyclist or golfer, we could very well be your BEST option
  • Why what we’ll do for you here at Benchmark Physiotherapy will be NOTHING like you’ve ever tried elsewhere
  • And, WHY most people who start out sceptical about Physio LOVE what we do for them

I’d like to offer you a Telephone Consultation that is perfect and only for exercise enthusiasts serious about their health and interested in discovering what their BEST options are to get FIT. By starting the relationship this way, it will let us get to know each other BEFORE going ahead with and confirming an “in person” Physio appointment at one of our 6 clinics around Sydney.

It works, because it will allow you and me to decide that we’re a good fit, and will leave you knowing with 100% certainty, that I am going to be able to help you like you get fit like you hope.

And by the way, there’s no obligation to book an appointment after we’ve spoken. That’s your call.

This option is EASY and where most people start their journey back to fitness. If you want to join them, please go ahead and click the green button here NOW and then just enter your details on the form that will appear (after that, Lee from my office will call you back very soon to set up a time for one of the physio’s to talk to you on the phone, later in the day)…

Option 2 

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Before You Click Off… How About You  “TURN YOURSELF INTO AN EXPERT”  And Take All Of My Best Tips And Advice Away With You And Start Your Return To Fitness… RIGHT NOW?

Maybe you’re at the very beginning of your search to regain your fitness and just browsing, hoping to find some helpful advice that you can take away with you IMMEDIATELY? Or you’re looking for some Secret Recovery Tips… the kind that only get given out by the Experts and are used by the PRO Athletes, and ones that you can use in your own home to make a start on ending your own fitness worries, right now?

If that’s you, you’re in luck! Because,

Option 3 

We Have Written Down All Of The 7 Recovery Strategies That Only The Pro Athletes Know And Use, And We Have Put Them In One, Easy To Follow At Home (…With Step-By-Step Instructions), Special Report…

I'd like you to have a copy of our Published Special Report on all the BEST ways to get fit like the Pro Athletes do.

Just following ANY of these top “tips” can make a difference to your fitness and help you recover from injuries.

This Special Report will shed light on the clouded and very confused world of recovering from a Sports Injury, it gives hope, offers clarity AND encouragement for a future free from FRUSTRATION as well as the FEAR many athletes carry with them, of being injured again soon. Of more significance, It gives step-by-step INSTRUCTIONS on the BEST ways to recovery (from ALL of the common injuries that ANY runner, footballer, golfer or cyclist is likely to suffer).

(It’s the kind of Instruction manual you can print out and put in your sports bag and take with you everywhere you go - it’s going to come in VERY handy over the years …)

And best, this Special Report lets you sample and get a feel for how an Expert Private Sports Physio , can help YOU, whilst simultaneously making immediate progress at stopping frustration and worry and helping you to get fit QUICK.

If this option works best for you, go ahead and claim your report and finally start making the progress you’ve been searching for, instantly, in the comfort of your own home, right NOW!

It’s Titled…

“How To Get Fit And Stay Fit… The 7 Secret Recovery Strategies That Only The Pro-Athletes Know And Use!”

It offers QUICK, EASY and COST-FREE tips and the exact week-by-week, start to end recovery plans used by pro-athletes… for all of the 7 most common sports injuries.

And here’s what you’ll see when you open it up in the next few minutes…

  • Struggling with an Achilles Injury? Find out on Page 6 why what you MUST do in Week 2 of your recovery to make a difference to how quickly you recover (Hint: Any Golfer or Runner is going to benefit from just knowing this…)
  • Maybe you’ve pulled your Hamstring? Did you know that it’s SAFE to start running again within DAYS despite being in some discomfort? Find out how far you can push it and why a certain type of PAIN when you start up again is a GOOD thing BUT why this other type of pain, really isn’t. The two different types of pain are talked about in week 1, and you’ll be able to recognise each when you look on page 9
  • And if you’ve pulled your Calf muscle, find out on Page 10 what you can do in week 2, that will make a huge difference and WILL stop you from running with the FEAR of being re-injured
  • Maybe you’ve twisted your Ankle and sprained ligaments? If you have, you’ll soon know HOW quickly you can get going again and what to do to stop SCAR Tissue from making your ankles as week as glass!
  • Fallen and damaged your Knee Ligaments? What you do in the FIRST WEEK is the most important. EVERYTHING is covered on Page 19 and find out why most people are SHOCKED about what they should already be doing by the time they reach week 2
  • Like to run after work but being stopped by a burning pain on the outside of your knee? It’s like to be RUNNERS KNEE or ITB Syndrome. Page 21 shows you EXACTLY what to put on, how long to stop for and why and what activity is your BEST way to keep FIT, whilst the pain drops
  • Maybe you’ve got a pain on the inside of your shins that is stopping you from running? It’s likely to be Shin Splints and there are only two things you need to do in Week 1, and 3 things you need to do in Week 2. Look on Page 24 to find out what they are.

Yours In Health

Craig McComb

Professional Sport Physiotherapist

P.S. For obvious reasons there’s a STRICT LIMIT to the number of downloads of this Special Report. Please claim yours TODAY so that you don’t miss out.

Join Hundreds Of Other People Who Were Finally Able To END Their Injury And Lack Of Exercise Frustrations…

All The Top Secret Tips Revealed And Exactly How Any Runner, Footballer, Golfer or Cyclist Can Finally Begin To Enjoy Being Involved Again (And Safely).

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Craig McComb

More About The Person You'll Be Helped By...

Craig McComb is a top Sydney Physio and Founding Director of Benchmark Physiotherapy, one of Southern Sydney’s largest groups of Physiotherapy practices.

Craig’s background included playing and working extensively in the Professional Cricketing world, and since moving into private practice, Craig has been involved in the development of several highly successful Physio Practices that are well known in the local communities for their excellent patient outcomes.

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