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SPECIAL REPORT: That Shows ANY Person In Their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s “TROUBLED” By Chronic Daily KNEE PAIN, How To Get Active AND Rediscover Pain-Free Exercise Again Within Days (…All WITHOUT Taking Medication, The Need For Surgery OR Any Painful Injections)

In Just 12 Pages I’ll Show Any Person Who Wants To Keep Out Of Their GP’s Office AND has hopes of Staying Healthy And Active For Years To Come, All The Best Ways I Know How To End Knee Pain. 

Available Instantly From Expert Knee Physio, Paul Wilson

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Expert Advice And The Best “Tips” For Finally ENDING Knee Pain Naturally AND Keeping You Active For Years Longer, Are Available Right Now From An Expert…

Finally!... Here’s How ANY Person Restricted By KNEE Troubles Can Stay “On The Go”, Keep Active And Exercise Safely… As Well As Finally End Their Current Lack Of Choice Of Having To Put Up With Chronic, Daily And Annoying KNEE PAIN (…As Well As Swelling And Stiffness)”

Keep Reading On To Find Out What Most Medical Professionals Don’t Know About How Easy It Is To END Knee Pain As Well As QUICKLY Find Ways That You Can Continue To Exercise And Keep Active, While Staying PAIN-FREE And Doing No More Damage To Your Knees…

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Paul Wilson

Paul Wilson


From The Desk of Knee Expert, Paul Wilson,

Dear Knee Pain Victim,

Whether you have come look for a solution for your knee pain, or whether you simply would like to find out new ways to keep active and continue to exercise so that your knee pain does not get worse, then this will be a very important message for you to read.

We see it all the time, knee pain often begins with a slight nagging ache, and is often left untreated. Treating the pain with medications and braces will give temporary relief, however, this does not fix the problem, and the knee joint problems will worsen with time, eventually limiting your ability to walk and keep active.

It is important to realise, the number one priority is to identify what the root cause of the knee problem actually is so that you can stop it from worsening rather than simply taking anti-inflammatories and pain killers.

Not many people realise that there are specific types of exercise that can be done in order to keep you active without increasing knee pain, swelling or stiffness. Surgery, Rest and injections do not have to be the only answer.

I know a much healthier way than that…

If You Are Worried About Your Knee Pain, Want To Know What Is Causing It, And What You Can Do That Will See Your Pain Levels Drop And Still Leave You Being Able To Exercise, Then Read On...

Before I give you the advice you have come looking for, please let me first distance myself from the ‘generic’ physiotherapy and other allied health practitioners out there. The type of treatment I deliver is nothing like other practitioners out there because I have develop a specific system for treating people aged 35+ that allows them to recover from knee pain fast and I have been doing it for over 10 years.

You can rest assured, everything that I do within the clinic is personalised and specific for the individual, it is the one-on-one care that my patients receive which allows the rapid results to occur.

I make as much time as needed to understand all of your concerns and will never rush the process. You will be given the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want and make an informed decision about your health.

My number one priority is to identify the root cause of the problem and not just treat the symptoms. Not only will your pain levels reduce, but we will also identify exactly what was causing your problem in the first place.

Knee pain can have a profound impact on your life, and unfortunately the longer it is left, the worse it becomes. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just part of ‘ageing’ and you do not just have to accept it.

If Your Need Is Urgent, Please Call This Special Number Now To Get Seen Quicker: 1300 381 207

If You Have Tried Resting And A Few “Generic” Exercises You Found On Youtube, Or Taken Anti-Inflammatories And Painkillers…And None Of It Has Worked, Then I Would Urge You To Act Fast And Before It Is Too Late…

Knee troubles rarely resolve themselves with rest. Yes, your painful symptoms may reduce, but the underlying cause does not simply ‘fix’ itself and the next time you put it under stress, you can be assured it will return sooner or later.

I have had lots of patients in the past that have simply tried to rest for a few weeks, or see how it goes prior to coming to see me. They may find a few exercises on the internet or try a few different exercises in the gym. Unfortunately, while the knee is inflamed, this is the worst thing you can do, causing more long term problems.

There is always a place for medications in the early stages of your condition, however, in my professional opinion, these need to be combined with physiotherapy in order to address what is actually causing the problem in the first place. Relying on medications in the long term will do nothing to fix the problem – EVER.

Unfortunately, the majority of people with long term knee pain are simply victims of not acting on the root cause and getting to the bottom of it. Now of course this is not their fault, they were not given the right advice in the first place.

Painkillers, rest and doing generic exercises are NOT the answer. Not if you want to be active and feel healthy again, any time soon. And that’s why I’d like to offer you my HELP and expertise immediately, UPFRONT and without ANY cost or payment needed.

Before I show you HOW I can help, please look at this first:

Here's Who I Can Help...

What I want you to know about Benchmark Physiotherapy is that we don’t claim to help EVERYONE. But if you’re aged 35-67+ and can say “YES” to any of the following, then you are looking in the right place for it:

  • You’ve recently been feeling a dull ache in your knee and it has been there for longer than 7 days and currently not showing many signs of improvement.
  • Your experiencing pain and swelling following a simple walk around the block.
  • You have been told or you have a suspicion that your issues are caused by arthritis or wear and tear of the cartilage in your knee.
  • You’re struggling to walk or run for any length or time without feeling the effects of your knee, whether it be swelling/pain/clicking/locking/giving way.
  • You are interested in more than just taking pain killers and anti-inflammatories and want more than the generic exercise sheets given out at other physiotherapists.
  • You want to avoid any long term complications as you value your health and independence far too much to avoid missing out on life.
  • You are hoping to AVOID OR DELAY knee surgery for as long as possible.
  • You want to know exactly what has happened, how it has happened, and what you can do to avoid it getting worse.

…Great news - if you can say “YES” to any of those, then I am going to be able to help you like you hope.

If You Came Looking For An Expert Physio To HELP You Personally, To Provide The Best Advice And Hands On Treatment To Ease Pain Quickly, And Give The Correct Exercises To Help You Walk Further For Longer, Then Here’s What I Can Do For You…

We have a proven knee solution system that works on easing and then ending knee problems fast. Whether you are only at the beginning of your knee pain journey or whether you have suffered for years, our program will be individually tailored to ensure it works for you and then allows you to get the ENJOYMENT back into your life.

It will give you the opportunity to walk for longer and exercise how you want to without the use of painkillers/anti-inflammatories or making you do lots of unnecessary, incorrect and generic exercises.

We have a specialised “hands-on” approach which ensures all the biomechanical causes of your pain are addressed. We will get your knee joint moving properly again, get your thigh muscles ‘switched-on’ and correct all the other issues with your ankles, hips and lower back which could be contributing to the problem. All of this, and many more techniques will make such a POSITIVE difference in your life, and more commonly than not, will occur in a few days after your first treatment.

And don’t worry - it’s really easy and it’s simple to do.

We help people aged 45+ on a daily basis and we have been doing it for over 30 years. I can assure you, the majority of people that undergo our specialised knee treatment feel a big difference with significant reductions in pain, improved functionality, ability to exercise and live their lives to the full, without the need for harmful medications!

If you are looking for the specific exercises which are going to keep your pain levels down and stop you from worsening, then I have spent years researching the exact exercises which provide you the ‘biggest bang for your buck’ and when done correctly, will stop the problem in your knee worsening over time. This will reduce your risk of early arthritis and becoming a lifelong victim of knee pain.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, then start by making a simple and no hassle enquiry about cost and soonest availability. Do that when you press the yellow button below and then fill out the form which will appear:

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Or, because you know that what I’m offering is what you came looking for - make it all happen sooner and book an “in-person” physio appointment at our Physio Clinics using this number 1300 381 207. Our Expert Physio Clinics are in Rose Bay, Eastgardens, Rosebery, Beverly Hills, Earlwood and Revesby.

Now remember, we offer a firm guarantee at Benchmark Physiotherapy.

“EVERYTHING we do for you in all of our practices is covered by a firm 100% Money Back Guarantee – that means we make you VERY HAPPY like you hope…or you get all of your money back or you simply leave your appointment and our clinics without paying. It’s that simple”.

Option 2 

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Or, If You’d Prefer, (It May Be Easier For You) We’ll Find 10 Minutes In Our Day And Show You What To Do, Simply By Talking On The Phone?...

“Telephone Consultations work great”!

You’ll LOVE what they can do for you and you’ll soon see that I CAN help you.

And if you are serious about your health, and you have decided that you have had enough and even if you are only slightly interested in understanding what an expert knee pain physiotherapist can do for you, then a great place to start is by having a non-committal chat over the phone

And when we do, I can show you:

  • How our knee advice is DIFFERENT from all the other options you’ve got.
  • If you are aged 35+ and you are fed up with the rest or painkillers option, and you feel your knee is not getting better, then we could be your BEST option.
  • Why, what you’ll experience at Benchmark Physiotherapy will be like NOTHING you’ve tried elsewhere
  • Why most people that we speak with, although sceptical at first, within the first 5 minute notice that we are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to other physiotherapists they have spoken to before.

Option 3 

Would You Like My Special Published Report, The One With All Of My Best “Knee Pain Tips” Inside, Whilst You’re Here…

Maybe you’re at the very beginning of your search to end your knee troubles and are just browsing, hoping to find some helpful advice that you can take away with you IMMEDIATELY? Or you’re looking for some Secret Tips… the kind that only get given out by the Experts, ones that you can use in your own home to make a start on fixing your knee issues, right now?

If that’s you, you’re in luck! Because,

I’ve Created An A-Grade Level Book Containing All Of The 7 Best Ways To Ease Knee Pain (…Naturally) And Put Them All Into One, Easy To Follow At Home (With Step By Step Instructions), Special Report…

I want you to have this published special report which contains all of the BEST ways to END knee pain, without the need for nasty medications.

And just by following a few of these top “tips”, you could make a BIG difference to your health and lifestyle.

This Special Report will lift the lid on the confusing world of recovering from Knee Pain. It will provide you with the ANSWERS you have been looking for, whereby giving you the hope and encouragement to achieve a life without Knee Pain, a life where you are no-longer FRUSTRATED with your inability to live your life to the full. This Special Report give provides you with step-by-step instructions on how you can ease your knee pain QUICKLY and SAFELY, and it does not contain the use of MEDICATIONS.

The best part of this report is that it not only gets the ball rolling, but it allows you to make a more informed decision about what is going to be the BEST option for you, that being, hands-on treatment by an EXPERT Knee Pain physiotherapist, like those from Benchmark Physiotherapy.

Go ahead and claim your report and finally start making the progress you’ve been searching for, instantly, in the comfort of your own home, right NOW!

It’s Titled…

“7 Easy Ways To STOP Chronic, Daily Annoying KNEE PAIN…Without Injections, Taking Painkillers Or Having To Wear Knee Braces!...”

We will send this to you INSTANTLY and here’s what you’ll DISCOVER when you look inside…

  • The pair of shoes that you MUST avoid if you are going to IMMEDIATELY reduce your knee pain.
  • If you spend more than 20 minutes per day SITTING – then there is a simple solution to reduce the pain you feel after you get up. Find out what it is on page 5.
  • What to SLEEP WITH and where to put it that is proven to ease chronic knee pain. Look on Page 6 and start making this big difference TONIGHT.
  • Want to know the absolute FASTEST and PROVEN way to STOP knee pain completely? It’s talked about on Page 8.
  • Do you know the FOUR types of footwear that are PROVEN to ADD to knee pain and make things worse in the end if you keep wearing them? It maybe that you’re wearing a pair right now? Look on Page 6 and make a simple but BIG change, quickly.
  • What you CAN and should be drinking RIGHT NOW that is proven to make knee joints and all of the muscles around it feel better.
  • It’s not just what you sleep on or with – it’s how you do it that could also be making your KNEE PAIN WORSE! Find out in the BONUS section on Page 10 the sleeping position you can change TONIGHT that will make a HUGE difference to your knee pain when you wake up in the morning…
  • Plus, a long and very HEALTHY section of even MORE BONUS TIPS that start on Page 8 and Show You EXACTLY which EXERCISES you should and shouldn’t be doing, if you want to have a QUICK REDUCTION in Knee Pain…

Best Wishes,

Paul Wilson


P.S. For obvious reasons there’s a STRICT LIMIT to the number of downloads of this Special Report. Please claim yours TODAY so that you don’t miss out.

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Paul Wilson

More About The Person You'll Be Helped By...

Paul Wilson is well known Physio and Owner of Bexley Road Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre, part of the larger group of Practices, Benchmark Physiotherapy. Benchmark Physiotherapy is Sydney’s Leading Private Physiotherapy Practices for People in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, who want to keep healthy and active.

Paul has extensively presented to various community groups on a number of different physiotherapy related conditions such as knee pain and lower back pain and is well known in the local community for his entertaining and informative delivery of his material.

Paul’s background included working extensively with Top Football Teams, and since taking over Bexley Road Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Centre, the Practice has become the fastest growing in the local Earlwood Region. Benchmark Physiotherapy is now one of Sydney’s largest providers of physiotherapy, with rooms in Rose Bay, Rosebery, Eastgardens, Earlwood, Beverly Hills and Revesby.

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