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Back pain effects 80% of people at some point in their lives. Bad posture significantly impacts lower back pain and this is something we identify in our clinics each and every day.

With so many of our patients working in industries which require sitting behind a computer for most of the day, setting your desk up properly is a great tool to help prevent lower back pain before it seriously impacts your life. Check out the information to the left on how to select an office chair and set up your work space. 

Moving Throughout the Day

No matter how perfectly you set up your desk and work space, spending all day sitting isn’t good for anyone's long term health. For anybody, spending the majority of their day working behind a desk, one recommendation we make to our clients is to move throughout the day as much as is possible. You should aim to stand up at least every 60 minutes, if not every 30 minutes. A sit-stand desk is a great tool to keep you active throughout the day, but isn’t essential.  Moving throughout the day can be as simple as standing up while reading emails, going for a quick walk around the office, and doing some simple chair stretches. 

What to do if back pain is already impacting your life?

There are a lot of reasons for the occurrence of lower back pain and it is always best to seek help from a medical professional regarding your pain and treatment plan. Physiotherapy can be a great treatment option for many people. Physiotherapists are trained not only to relieve pain, but to find the causes of your back pain. We want to help by eliminating anything which might be contributing to your condition.

Here at Benchmark Physiotherapy, we take a unique approach to solving back pain. Instead of focusing solely on removing your pain, we aim to treat the underlying cause of the pain to stop the cycle of back pain continuing or spiraling out of control. 

Ready to get back on track with Benchmark?

With locations around Sydney we are always ready to help you feel your best. Call your nearest clinic today to book a free posture and spine assessment! 

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