From humble beginnings in 1984, all the way up to 6 practices located across South-West Sydney, Benchmark Physiotherapy has grown into a group of practices that prides itself on helping people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond to stay healthy, active and live their lives to the full.

“Introducing A Group Of Physiotherapy Clinics In Southern Sydney PERFECT For People Who DON’T Like Relying On Medications & Who Prefer NATURAL Healing Solutions To END Pain And Restriction, So They Can Keep Active & Live Their Lives To The Full…."

“Most People Ask Our Clients “What’s So Special About Benchmark Physiotherapy Clinics…?"

Whether you’ve come looking for Expert Physio advice because you have been let down by previous pain relief ‘experts’, you want more than just the “rest and painkillers” option that is commonly advised by GP’s, or you’re VERY health conscious and already know that Expert Private Physio advice IS your BEST option, you’re now on your way to ENJOYING the same transformation in your health as thousands of others who have seen great improvements in their ability to keep ACTIVE and had a sense of relief as their pain levels drop much faster than they ever thought possible.

Speak to our patients and you will hear things like:

  • Why they have regularly achieved almost instant RELIEF… all because they’ve found a Physiotherapist that uses a lot of “hands-on” style treatment that involves Massage, Stretching and Joint Movement, which really do make a difference FAST…
  • Why they quickly found out they weren’t on their own when they had been given “poor” advice to REST or “just do some exercises” by their GP…
  • The “Secret Weapons” that sit at the front desk and create an EXPERIENCE unrivalled anywhere else in the Physio Industry which makes clients “SAD” to say “good bye” when their pain is gone and treatment has ended…
  • The amazing CULTURE that exists within all of the Benchmark Physiotherapy Clinics…
  • Why they too were “sceptical” about starting Physio - largely because of they thought that ‘no-one could help them’ and how, without our option to TALK TO A EXPERT PHYSIO ON THE PHONE FIRST, they would never have made it through the front door in the first place (…and would still be suffering now)
  • Why no-one ever leaves our clinics un-happy and how it’s all to do with what is “SAID” (and offered), as much as what we do…

Because we truly want you to make the BEST most well EDUCATED decision about Physio, without feeling rushed or pressured into booking an appointment, the practice principals put together a SPECIAL REPORT for you.

It’s written exclusively for clients like you (by collaborating all of our practice principles knowledge), and has been 30+ years in the making. We’ve done it by compiling all of the questions we’ve been asked about Physio by previous clients, who were once just like you… struggling to enjoy their health and considering trying Physio to ease their pain and stiffness, but just wanted to know a bit more about it first, before making a decision to go and see a physio.

The report is designed to help YOU make the BEST decision. The one that ensures you find a Physio that you can trust 

You can get your Special Report, to help you make the best, most well educated decision, when you click here:

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By Downloading Your Report You’re Also Going To See Answers To ALL Of These Important Questions Which Will Help You Choose A Physio That Is “Just Right For You”...One That Will Get You Active And Healthy Again, Fast!…

  • How long before you feel a positive difference from Physio? Hint: It’s likely to be LESS than what you currently think and it has EVERYTHING to do with what YOU do and when (Find out on Page 5).
  • WHAT is exactly involved in Physio. Unfortunately most people don’t even know the truth because most Physios don’t take the time to explain it right before an appointment is booked.
  • Why you shouldn’t even consider going to the free hospital option, NOT if you want “hands-on” type treatment, the kind that really does work FAST. Does Physio help someone like ME”? (That’s answered in-depth, on page 7).
  • “Isn’t it true that Physio is just for young people who get injured from playing sport”? …NOT at Benchmark Physiotherapy it ISN’T
  • When is the BEST (and safest) time to be doing exercises? And discover why most exercises don’t work like the person doing them hopes (revealed on Page 11). Tip: It has everything to do with when they’re done, not so much what is done.
Yes! Send Me The 51 Questions Report!

“Get Immediate Access To Your Special Report And All The Client Success Stories...”

Just Fill Out The Form To Start Watching All These Real Client Success Stories And Get Immediate Access To The Special Report Which Answers ALL Of Your 51 Questions On Physiotherapy...

We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.

Who We Are

Benchmark Physiotherapy are the Physiotherapists used by thousands of people each year from all over Sydney. We’re now one of the largest private providers of Physiotherapy in Sydney for men and women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond who want to keep active and love to be healthy. The growth of our practices is a testament to the commitment we show to our patient’s recovery.

Our physiotherapists are the trusted musculoskeletal experts in their respective regions and regularly present to other medical specialists such as GP’s and orthopaedic surgeons on the latest developments in health. A significant percentage of our business is from returning clients who love to come back and “top up their health”, however we receive many “self-referrals” via word of mouth, friends and family ‘recommendations’, as well as 100’s of GP and Top Surgeon referrals each month.

(P.S: you DO NOT need a formal referral from either to access our service – just call whenever you are ready and we can usually accommodate you on the day).

Who We Help (And What We Do…)

We give men and women in their 30’s, 40’s 50’s, 60’s and beyond the BEST help and advice to keep them PAIN-FREE, ACTIVE and always “LIVING LIFE TO THE FULL” so that they can ENJOY great HEALTH, for many years to come.

People who come to us include:

  • Health Conscious Ladies and Mums: Who want to LOOK and FEEL healthier, and be able to run around after children all day, which is easier to achieve in the ABSENCE of pain and stiffness…
  • Busy Gentlemen and Dads: Who know that living with pain isn’t good for them, and want more energy for work AND play…
  • Sensible Men And Women: Who know that painkillers often advised by other medical professionals are NOT the best answer, who feel let down and who WANT BETTER for themselves than just a few sheets of generic exercises.
  • Extra Active Grandparents: Who know that playing with grandchildren is much EASIER and more ENJOYABLE if they’re in LESS pain and FREE from the shackles placed upon them by STIFFNESS…
  • Concerned Men and Women over 50: Who know that it’s much easier to fend of “deadly” threats like Arthritis, Heart Disease, Stroke and Rheumatic Joint Pain…if they can keep ACTIVE, mobile and are able to exercise for as long as possible…
  • Frustrated Family member: Who’ve tried all the pills and exercises but NOT found relief and are starting to believe surgery is the only option.
  • “Amateur Athletes and Weekend Warriors”: Who want to be FIT and READY for their next round of golf, a nice run after work, or a long cycle with mates on the weekend…

Where We Are

Revesby · Beverly Hills · Earlwood · Rosebery · Eastgardens · Rose Bay

Tip: In person, “one-on-one” appointments with our Expert Physios are available from 7am every Weekday (including Saturdays at our Rose Bay rooms), up until 6pm each weeknight in ALL our clinics. Appointments are pre-booked and can be arranged by calling 1300 381 207.

Hint: Please note that ALL and ANY treatment you receive at Benchmark Physiotherapy Clinics IS covered by a Full “Love it Or Leave It” Money Back Guarantee. That means we make you very HAPPY like you hope, or you DON’T Pay for any of it.

And Here’s 8 More Important Questions You’ll Have Answers To In The Next Few Minutes, When You Open Your New Special Report On Choosing The Right Physio…

  • How long should you WAIT… before calling and booking that first Physio appointment? (Hint: There’s an OPTIMAL time to do it, and a NOT so good time to do it, that could get costly if you don’t know it).
  • Want to know the most important and BEST reason that other people like you give for going to see a Physio? Hint: It doesn’t have as much to do with “being in Pain”, as most people think. (Look on Page 8)
  • What’s the difference between a “GOOD” Physio and a “BAD” one? (Hint: There are just three things, and they’re NOT what you think either).
  • Is Private Physiotherapy EXPENSIVE? That all depends… you’ll find out “on what” when you look on Page 7.
  • What’s the difference between a Private Physio and hospital Physio (Hint: as clear as night and day – but you’ll find out exactly what it is and why, on Page 7).
  • Isn’t Physio just MASSAGES? “No” and why, you’ll soon discover on Page 7.
  • How OFTEN will I need to come back for treatment after my initial consultation with a Physio? That all depends. But you’ll find out on Page 14 what the biggest factor in how many sessions you’ll need is. Tip: it has everything to do with what you do and when, and NOT so much what the Physio says or does.
Yes! Send Me The 51 Questions Report!

“Get Immediate Access To Your Special Report And All The Client Success Stories...”

Just Fill Out The Form To Start Watching All These Real Client Success Stories And Get Immediate Access To The Special Report Which Answers ALL Of Your 51 Questions On Physiotherapy...

We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.

Why Is It So Important That You Get This Report With 51 Questions Of Physio Answered

We’ve put all of this together for you to help you make the BEST decision. There is so much confusion out there about what exactly a physio does and what exactly they help with that we wanted to put the record straight.

Unfortunately what we’re finding is that some people are tempted to “tar” all Physios with the same brush – even the helpful ones, like us because of previous bad experiences.

So, what better way to HELP you make a better decision about Physio, a more informed one, and one that WILL mean you picking a Physio that’s “just right for you”, than by seeing all of the common questions (with honest answers), that most people ask before they come and see us.

And that’s got to help you out, right?

Plus, we find that people often DON’T do a very good job of explaining what Physio’s really do (…even when they’re impressed!). When you read this Report you’ll get a VERY accurate picture painted of what Private Physio really is all about, what it feels like, and how YOU’RE going to benefit and how HAPPY you will be made in the end – which is VERY important and what ANYONE ultimately comes looking for.

Private Physio ISN’T about just being given a few generic exercises. It’s much more important than that. Physiotherapy can be much more valuable, and when done right, it’s significantly more helpful. And that’s why so many of our clients will testify and set the record straight – so that YOU can be certain of what you’re going to get from the physiotherapists at Benchmark Physio and more importantly, that you don’t miss out on an EASY and PROVEN way to add so much VALUE, QUALITY and ENJOYMENT to your life.

You’re going to LOVE what we can do for you…. Start by requesting the 51 most common questions report by simply clicking the green button and filling out the simple form that appears….

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“Get Immediate Access To Your Special Report And All The Client Success Stories...”

Just Fill Out The Form To Start Watching All These Real Client Success Stories And Get Immediate Access To The Special Report Which Answers ALL Of Your 51 Questions On Physiotherapy...

We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.

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